Brand Refresh, Website, Print and Digital Advertising, Icons, Coasters

While at Venables Bell and Partners, I managed the website redesign of MillerCoors summertime favorite Leinenkugel's. The website was running on Internet Explorer with outdated Flash graphics and was inaccessible on mobile devices. A restriction to the new site was having to use the same template as Coors Light. Leinenkugel's was in need of a brand refresh, and with the new site started the visuals for the campaign. Focusing on lake textures of flakey painted signs, light colors, shadows and cropping the bottom of the bottles to feel like they were waiting to be picked up. We then extended the new look into billboards, digital banners, commercials, print and coasters.


The silk screened texture became a visual way to say summer. It reminded us of being at the lake cracking open a beer and basking in the sun. 


Creating a mobile friendly site allowed them toconnect their social media accounts, increasing user traffic and followers.