Nicola Broderick, currently a Designer at Fuseproject responsible for concepting, strategizing and executing on a length of projects including;
art direction, branding, print, packaging and web. She received her BFA in graphic design from the Academy of Art.

Prior to Fuseproject she has designed at Venables Bell & Partners, Butchershop, Stranger & Stranger, Landor Associates and Voicebox Creative.
If you would to see client work she's more than happy to send it via email.


SF/ 37.8° N, 122.4° W


REI, Skyy Vodka, Reebok, Crossfit, Audi, Leinenkugel's, Playstation, Celebrity Cruises, Jasper, One Cococonut Water, Naked Juice, App Dynamics, SF Shipyard, The Store House, Haufe USA, Pepsi Co.

Another Girl:
A side project to design motorcycle related things and see how far they go. Items are designed after hours, and sold on Etsy